Especially For Freshmen:

Psychology Majors Advising Calendar

First or Second Semester

  • Introduction to Psychology PSYCH 1001
  • Declare prospective major in Psychology
  • Meet your advisor
  • Attend freshman advising meeting
  • Join Psychology Club!

Second and Third Semester

  • Two or more classes in Psychology
  • Psychology GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Keep in touch with your adviser

Third and Fourth Semester

  • Declare your major in Psychology
  • Enroll in Research Methods
  • Math pre-requisite for Statistics
  • Course(s) from five content areas and electives

Fourth and Fifth Semester

  • Enroll in Psychological Statistics
  • Finish Liberal Arts Core requirements
  • Course(s) from five content areas and electives

Fifth and Sixth Semester

  • Finish courses from five content areas
  • Considering becoming a Teaching Assistant (PSYCH 4704)
  • Consider becoming a Research Assistant (PSYCH 4705)

Seventh Semester

  • Continue taking courses in area of interest
  • Develop a resume/vita

    Graduate School Focus

    • Continue researching graduate schools
    • If required, study and take the GRE
    • Apply to Graduate school

    Employment Focus

    • Apply for employment
    • Attend UNI Job Fair
    • Consider Community Service Learning (PSYCH 2701) for experience
    • Contact UNI Career Center

Eighth Semester

  • Finish any remaining courses

Graduate School Focus

  • Continue applications for graduate school
  • Interviews for graduate school

Employment Focus

  • Attend UNI Job Fair
  • Visit UNI Career Services
  • Apply for employment


Guide to Good Study Habits

Careers in Psychology

Psychology Club

Wishes everyone a fantastic summer!! Check back in the fall for announcements...

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