Psychology Faculty:

Seth Brown

(Ph.D. University of New Mexico)

Associate Professor of Psychology
Co-Coordinator of the Clinical Science Emphasis Graduate Program

Classes: Science and Pseudoscience: Critiquing the World Around You, Abnormal Psychology(g), Treating Schizophrenia and Other Serious Mental Disorders, Science and Pseudoscience in Psychology, Psychopathology, Theory, Research, and Practice of Psychological Treatment, Evidence Based Treatments

Clinical and Research Interests: Non-suicidal self injury, severe mental illness, mental illness stigma, clinical training, research design, and science and pseudoscience.

Adam Butler

(Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Professor of Psychology
I-O Graduate Coordinator

Classes: Introduction to Psychology, Organizational Psychology, History and Systems of Psychology(g), Performance Appraisal

Clinical and Research Interests: Work-life balance, work and alcohol use, occupational health

Catherine DeSoto

(Ph.D. University of Missouri)

Professor of Psychology

Classes: Biopsychology, Evolution, Brain and Social Behavior, Introduction to Psychology

Clinical and Research Interests: How brain function affects behavior, various brain imaging techniques (including ERP's, optical imaging and MRI's), direct measurement of hormone levels via immunoassay and how this relates to behavioral tendencies, and how exposure to toxins relates to neurodevelopmental disorders.


Michael Gasser

(Ph.D. University of Minnesota)

Professor of Psychology

Classes: Introduction to Psychology, Psychological Statistics, Psychology of Human Differences(g), Industrial Psychology(g)

Clinical and Research Interests: Development of measures to help predict, train, and evaluate successful performance when working in a multicultural-environment, Increasing the effectiveness of teaching and practice in I-O Psychology

Personal: He likes flight simulators and SCUBA diving.


Andrew R. Gilpin

(Ph.D. Michigan State University)

Professor of Psychology

Classes: Psychological Statistics, History and Systems of Psychology(g), Developmental Psychology, Behavior Modification

Clinical and Research Interests: Computer-intensive applied statistics, psychometric analysis, and perception of representations of numeric information.


Helen C. Harton

(Ph.D. Florida Atlantic University)

Professor of Psychology
Graduate Coordinator
Social Area Coordinator
Chair, IRB

Classes: Research Methods, Readings in Psychology, Graduate Social Psychology, Special Topics in Social Psychology(g), Advances and Developments in Social Psychology

Clinical and Research Interests: Attitude change, social influence, prejudice, relationships.

Personal: She likes exercise, biking, kayaking, dance, and travel.


Carolyn Hildebrandt

(Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley)

Professor of Psychology
Department Head

Classes: Developmental Psychology, Psychology of Music, Special Topics in Developmental Psychology(g)

Clinical and Research Interests: Social and cognitive development, prevention of cyberbullying, musical development, constructivist approaches to teaching and learning music. Current projects include: children's social and cognitive development in the context of cooperative and competitive games, the development of children's invented songs, instruments, and musical notations, and constructivist approaches to the education of young children. She is also on the board of directors of the "Association of Constructivist Teaching", and the editorial board of the journal, "The Constructivist."

Personal: In her personal time, she likes playing music, reading, traveling, cooking, gardening, and biking.


Robert Hitlan

(Ph.D. University of Texas at El Paso)

Associate Professor of Psychology

Classes: Community Service/Experiential Learning, Psychological Statistics, Principles of Psychometrics(g)

Clinical and Research Interests: Workplace stress, antecedents and consequences of harassment (sexual, ethnic, and bystander), social and workplace exclusion, language-based ostracism, interpersonal and intergroup relations including prejudice and discrimination, statistics including structural equation modeling and psychometrics


Elizabeth Lefler

(Ph.D. Oklahoma State University)

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Classes: Child Psychopathology and Treatment (g), Developmental Psychology, Psychology of Gender Differences

Clinical and Research Interests: Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Early identification and treatment of childhood psychopathology, Gender and ethnicity differences in childhood psychopathology.


Mary Losch

{Ph.D. University of Iowa)

Professor of Psychology
Assistant Director, Center for Social & Behavioral Research

Classes: Psychology of Gender Differences, Research Design

Clinical and Research Interests: Survey methods, maternal child health, unintended pregnancy prevention, research ethics


M. Kimberly MacLin

(Ph.D. University of Nevada-Reno)

Professor of Psychology

Classes: Introduction to Psychology, Research Methods, Motivation and Emotion(g), Psychology and Law, Special Topics in Social Psychology(g), Seminar in Psychology(g), Practicum in Teaching Psychology, Research Experience in Psychology , Independent Study, Advances and Developments in Social Psychology, Research, Research in Psychology

Research Interests: Psychology & law, social cognition, stereotyping, prejudice, & discrimination; racial categorization

Personal: Politics, home restoration, and cooking.


Otto MacLin

(Ph.D. University of Nevada-Reno)

Professor of Psychology

Classes: Cognitive Psychology, Sensation and Perception, Behavior Modification, Conditioning and Learning

Research Interests: Cognitive psychology, object recognition, face recognition, eyewitness identification, psychology & law

Personal: Enjoys road trips, beer, adventure, a room with Internet access and cable, and a good project.


Sundé Nesbit

(Ph.D. Purdue University)

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Classes: : Psychology of Personality, Abnormal Psychology(g), Personality, Clinical Psychology, Theory, Research, and Practice in Psychotherapy

Clinical and Research Interests: Conceptualization and assessment of anger, evaluation of commonly-used anger measures, and factors contributing to driver aggression.


Nicholas Schwab

(Ph.D. University of Wyoming)

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Classes: Research Methods, Health Psychology

Clinical and Research Interests: How people affect and are affected by our social networks and how these networks develop internal norms that influence numerous psychological processes. Currently exploring the influence social networks have on self-processes and how this interaction between social networks and the self affect mental and physical health, especially in the context of real and perceived social support. Also, interaction between biological and cultural processes that regulate behavior; in particular, the regulation of sexual and cooperative behaviors.


John Somervill

(Ph.D. University of Arkansas)

Professor of Psychology

Classes: Abnormal Psychology(g), Introduction to Psychology, Practicum in Teaching Psychology(g), Research Experience in Psychology(g), Independent Study , Research in Psychology, Research

Clinical and Research Interests: Pet therapy, social aspects of rehabilitation

Personal: Enjoys fishing, gardening, travel, opera, theater


Rowena Tan

(Ph.D. University of Minnesota)

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Scholarship Coordinator

Classes: Social Psychology, History and Systems of Psychology

Clinical and Research Interests: Social psychology, career development


Linda L. Walsh

(Ph.D. University of Chicago)

Associate Professor of Psychology

Classes: Biopsychology, Drugs and Behavior, Introduction to Neurology(g), Introduction to Psychology

Clinical and Research Interests: Human food preferences and aversions, the role of the family, food experience and personality factors in shaping food attitudes/behavior, food neophobia, and drug education/drug knowledge and drug use patterns.


John Williams

(Ph.D. University of Mississippi)

Associate Professor of Psychology

Classes: Cognitive and Intellectual Assessment, Personality Assessment, Ethics, and Practicum

Clinical and Research Interests: Psychological assessment, reliability and validity of assessment instruments, and computerized applications in psychology. Specific research focuses on computer-based test interpretations for personality assessment inventories.


Jack Yates

(Ph.D. The Johns Hopkins University)

Professor of Psychology

Classes:Introduction to Psychology, Research Methods, Memory and Language, Cognative Psychology

Clinical and Research Interests: Memory, language, and a general characterization of conscious experience. He is currently more active in pursuing an applied interest in using cognitive and social psychology insights for changing energy use behaviors.


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